CCPS FY 2024 Budget

Over 50% of your Clarke County taxes go to the Clarke County Public Schools.

The 2024 Budget is posted by Clarke Schools: FY24 Budget Proposal

PowerPoint presentation by the Clarke County School Superintendent


There seems to be no breakdown between discretionary and nondiscretionary spending. Neither is there a breakdown of monies allocated for academics vs money allocated for extracurricular activities.

This seems to be providing a lot of data, but instead is just a printout of the budgeting category codes and a comparision between last years request and this years requests.

What is not being provided is an expenditure column showing what was actually expended in each category last year and would it justify the increase/decrease this year.

How much money is being allocated for athletics (above and beyond the "additional" 10k allocated for next year.

A further itemization of this category showed mostly electricity and other utility costs.